11th International Siebold Collection Working Conference 
Oct. 20, 2017 Bonn, Germany
Markus Radscheit, Bonn: Philipp Franz von Siebold and Bonn
Stefan Mangos, South Africa: Making Sieboldfs correspondence accessible to the public – a backward glance
Wilhelm Graf Adelmann, Schlüchtern: Sieboldfs correspondence: Recent progress and new findings
Kris Schiermeier, Leiden: Activities of the Sieboldhuis Leiden 2016/17
Udo Beireis, Würzburg: Siebold-Museum Würzburg and Sieboldgesellschaft e.V. – Past activities and future perspectives
Takenori Sasaki, Univ. Museum, Univ. of Tokyo: Creating an integrated database for Sieboldfs Natural History Collection – concept and structure
Akiko Mikouchi, Univ. Museum of Tokyo: The college studentsf view on Sieboldfs collection in Japan as a possibility to improve exhibition concepts
Sven Osterkamp, Bochum: Sieboldfs manuscript of an anonymous, incomplete Chinese translation of the New Testament
Hans-Reinhard Koch, Bonn: Sieboldfs grandfather Carl Caspar and cataract surgery
Andreas Mettenleiter, Würzburg: Sieboldfs successor in Dejima, Otto Mohnike