National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden
Leiden University, Lipsius #147, Leiden
SieboldHuis, Leiden, The Netherlands
October 22-24, 2015
Japan Museum SieboldHuis, Leiden 
Presided by
Dr. Ohba Hideaki & Dr Matthi Forrer 
Supported by
Toshiba International Foundation
Isaac Alfred Ailion Fund, Leiden University
22 October Thursday
Location: National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden
12:00-- Registration and lunch in the museumfs restaurant
13:00 Welcome – Mr. Stijn Schoonderwoerd, Director 
13:15 Viewing the special exhibition: Keigafs paintings of the Siebold 1826 Court Journey – guided by Matthi Forrer
Location: Leiden University, Lipsius, Room 147
14:15 Ohba Hideaki, Akiyama Shinobu, Gerard Thijsse, & Hans-Joachim Esser 
On the principles and the materials used in the preparation of the Synopsis Plantarum Oeconomicarum by Siebold.
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 Sasaki Takenori & Jeroen Goud 
Alcohol-preserved shell specimens in the Siebold Collection: Conservation and historical significance.
16:15 Tagai Tokuhei 
eGeological observations during the journey from Nagasaki to Edof by a Neptunist, Heinrich Bürger.
Location: Leiden City Hall
17:15 Reception 
19:00 Conference dinner (for speakers only)
Restaurant Surakarta, Noordeinde 51, Leiden 
23 October Friday
Location: Leiden University, Lipsius, Room 147
10:00 Gerard Thijsse
Siebold's commercial ventures with plants.
10:30 Harm Beukers 
Sieboldfs role in spreading the Western Materia medica.
11:15 Coffee break
11:45 Fifi Effert 
Siebold – Japonism: glimpses of a French Connection.
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Sven Osterkamp 
Notes on the relationship of Siebold and Klaproth: Fact and fantasy.
14:15 Noguchi Kenji 
The reconstruction of the Narutakijuku after an old photograph.
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 Matthi Forrer
Siebold collecting lacquerwares
16:15 Concluding remarks 
and discussion on next yearfs Conference in Nagasaki
19:00 Conference dinner (for speakers only)
Restaurant Het Prentenkabinet, Kloksteeg 25, Leiden
24 October Saturday
10:00 Leiden City Excursion 
or visit the Asia > Amsterdam: Luxury in the Golden Age exhibition in the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum