Terminology of shell microstructure - Carter et al. (1990) Skeletal Biomineralization: Patterns, Processes and Evolutionary Trends, Volume 1
Takenori Sasaki XؖҒqTTL^Pm
Carter, J. G. and sixteen others. 1990. Glossary of skeletal biomineralization. In: Carter, J. G. (ed.) 1990. Skeletal Biomineralization: Patterns, Processes and Evolutionary Trends, Volume 1. Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York. pp. 609-671.
Table 1
I. Prismatic structures
A. Sample prismatic structures
1. Regular simple prismatic
2. Asymmetric prismatic
3. Radially elongate simple prismatic
4. Lathic simple prismatic
5. Irregular simple prismatic
6. Blocky prismatic
7. Pavement prismatic
B. Fibrous prismatic structures
1. Rod-type fibrous prismatic
2. Lath-type fibrous prismatic
3. Anvil-type fibrous prismatic
4. Simple lamellar fibrous prismatic
5. Irregular fibrous prismatic
6. gNon-prismatich enamel
C. Composite prismatic structures
1. Denticular composite prismatic
2. gPreprismatich enamel
3. Reclined non-denticular composite prismatic
4. Vertical non-denticular composite prismatic
5. Compound composite prismatic
6. Crossed composite prismatic
D. Spherulitic prismatic structures
1. Regular spherulitic prismatic
2. Irregular spherulitic prismatic
3. Planar spherulitic prismatic
II. Spherulitic structures
III. Laminar structures
A. Nacreous 
1. Sheet nacreous
2. Row stack nacreous
3. Columnar nacreous
B. Semi-nacreous structure
1. Sheet semi-nacreous
2. Columnar semi-nacreous
C. Plywood structures
1. Orthogonal plywood
2. Twisted plywood
3. Lamello-fibrillar
4. Polywood structure with transverse fibers
D. Crossed bladed
E. Sepia sp. laminar structure
F. Regularly foliated
IV. Homogeneous structure
V. Crossed structures
A. Crossed acicular
B. Intersected crossed platy
C. Disscted crossed prismatic
D. Crossed lamellar structures
1. Simple crossed lamellar
2. Rod-type crossed lamellar
3. Crossed foliated
4. Crossed semi-foliated
5. Paradjidaumo crossed lamellar enamel
6. Carcharodon crossed lamellar enameloid
E. gPrismatich enamel structures s.s.
1. Pattern 1 gprismatich enamel
2. Pattern 2 s.s. gprismatich enamel
3. Pattern 3 gprismatich enamel
F. Decussated enamel structures s.s.
1. Uniserial enamel
2. Pauciserial enamel
3. Multiserial enamel
G. Complex crossed lamellar structures
1. Fine complex crossed lamellar
2. Irregular complex crossed lamellar
3. Cone complex crossed lamellar
VI. Helical structures
VII. Decapod horizontal laminate structure
VII. Isolated spicules or spikes
IX. Isolated crystal morphotypes